About us

There is something about the number 3. It conveys a sense of trust, maybe because of the geometrical sturdiness of a triangle. It also has creativity at its core: all good stories are built on three parts. So is ours…

We are three professionals who share a passion for filmmaking and production. We have a hands-on approach and our ability to manage time, budgets, crew, cast and the craft itself have ensured many shows return for Season 2, and 3 and 4…
Since relationship is at the core of what Trilogy stands for, we have built strong relationships with suppliers in the industry – from gear houses, to locations and agents. We believe in creating a team that is dependable, creative and a pleasure to work alongside.

Meet the team

Meet the industry experts who invest their collective experience and vision into every project.

Deryck Broom

Organiser · Dreamer · Motivator

Deryck is able to juggle 10 balls at once… with his eyes closed. When he’s not juggling, he loves dreaming up new stories and ideas. He inspires, spreads enthusiasm and can bring the best team together in a heartbeat.

Anthonie Scholtz

Tech wiz  · Dream maker  · Undercover genius

Throw any technical problem at Anthonie and he will throw solutions right back at you. What some only dream of doing he, very humbly does. And did we mention he is an undercover genius?

Gareth Ahrens

Gear Guru · ‘Out the Box’ Thinker · Adventurer

If you need a gimbal shot off a skateboard or have any unusual visual request, call Gareth. Problem-solver, peacemaker and adrenaline junkie, his calm demeanour and ‘can-do’ attitude have saved many a shoot day.

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